10 Questions for Engaging in the World in 2015

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For me, 2014 was a year of deepening partnerships, both professionally (working closely with amazing colleagues) and personally (my first full year of marriage).  It was also a year of protest, as I joined hundreds of thousands of you in taking to the streets to decry climate change and to hold up the value of Black lives. So as I looked toward 2015, I approached my annual New Year’s reflection with an eye toward engaging in the...

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Five Questions for New Year’s Reflection

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Want to do some New Year’s reflection but not sure where to start?  Here are 5 sets of powerful questions to get you going.  You can sit with these in silence, write or draw about them in your journal, mull them over on a long walk, or share answers in conversation with a partner or friend. ONE Looking back over the past year, when were you at your best? Think about moments when you felt most alive and engaged, perhaps joyful or...

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Read this the next time you’re doubting your ability to get it all done.

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You will never get it all done.  Let’s start there. There will always be more work to be done than you can get to in your lifetime. Accepting this doesn’t mean you are admitting defeat (we need your hard work).   It doesn’t make your organization’s vision of the world any less important (we need your compelling vision).  The truth is this: None of us can do our best work in a state of relentless stress, overwhelm, and...

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How to Take a Proper Lunch Break

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When is the last time you took a proper lunch break during the work day? By proper, I mean: You left your office building It was approximately the middle of your workday You ate something You did not return for at least 30 minutes The following do not count as a proper lunch break: Scavenging leftover breakfast pastries from another group’s meeting in the conference room Eating in front of your work computer while doing non-work things...

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Connect, Then Ask Without Shame

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Nonprofits must always be asking for support.  The majority that fundraise for their budgets craft compelling proposals to foundations, generous individuals, and government funders.  Those that advocate for change ask for our attention and our actions. From my very first months in my first nonprofit job, where I was involved in fundraising, I learned from my mentors the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) practice of relationship cultivation...

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“Coaching helped me find the way back to myself”

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Friday gratitude time – I received this awesome feedback from a coaching client: “Coaching brought me back to my values and helped me find the way back to myself: a person who loves working and engaging with employers and colleagues, a person who is enthusiastic and proud of the work I do.” This speaks so directly to the purpose of Do Your Best Work. And it’s exciting to think about the positive change this client...

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