Fear: A Leader’s User Guide

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  Standing strong in your leadership can be scary. Wielding power responsibly — with all the messiness that this entails — can shake the most confident amongst us. I have the enormous privilege of working with some pretty fierce leaders in my coaching & consulting practice. Let me tell you a common topic of conversation: facing fear.When we fear the responsibilities of leadership, our inner dialogue can go something like...

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The 6 Apps that keep my business (& life) running

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  “What programs & apps do YOU use to stay on top of it all?” I get this question all the time. For me to really adopt a new technology as a favorite and trusted part of my routine, it has to do three things: It has to increase my sense of Peace about my work, by helping me reduce worry or stress. It has to help me stay Productive by encouraging me to focus on the most important stuff. It has to help...

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How Work Flexibility Can Help You Maximize Your Leadership

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  I recently guest-blogged for 1 Million for Work Flexibility about how flexible work can serve as part of a leader’s toolkit. Here’s what I wrote: In my role as a leadership coach to nonprofit professionals, there is one challenge I hear from my clients over and over, and it goes something like this: “I am so busy putting out fires that I don’t have time to focus on the really important stuff—planning, big picture...

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