Hello!  I currently am fully booked and have a 3-month wait for new coaching clients.  To be placed on my waiting list, please email me.


Why Coaching?

As a leader you are passionate, tenacious, and dedicated — and quite possibly overcommitted, overworked, and under-supported.   Coaching can help you emerge from the chaos and lead with greater confidence, perspective, and ease.

My clients are leaders who want to up their leadership game.  They feel called to lead more effectively —  to be of even greater service to their organizations, staff and constituents.  Through coaching, they reconnect to their personal values, tapping into tremendous reserves of authentic power.

My clients are committed professionals who want to change the world without burning out in the process.  They want to work hard and achieve results without sacrificing relationships, their sanity, or their physical health.  Through coaching, they discover  how to work with more spaciousness and ease than they ever imagined they could.

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What You’ll Gain

Coaching gives you the tools to:

  • Lead with increased confidence, decisiveness and skill
  • Clarify priorities and make time to address them
  • Shift from constant crisis to a more balanced way of working
  • Delegate effectively and focus on the work most important for you to do
  • Improve follow-through with colleagues, reducing guilt and anxiety
  • Take steps toward a more fulfilling life outside of work

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How it Works

During the coaching engagement, I help you develop new frameworks and practices that can be applied immediately to address everyday challenges.  The benefits of the clarity and confidence you gain in coaching will extend beyond you to affect your coworkers, your organization, and your loved ones.

Coaching sessions are 1 hour long and occur over Skype, phone, or in-person.   Pre-work, customized worksheets, an online goals tracking system and session notes are included in a typical coaching engagement.

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What it Costs

Nonprofit or Government Organizations:

  • $175 per session
  • Pay in advance for 6 sessions: $1,000
  • Pay in advance for 12 sessions: $2,000

Foundations, Universities and For-Profit Organizations:

  • $200 per session
  • Pay in advance for 6 sessions: $1,150
  • Pay in advance for 12 sessions: $2,300
Individuals/Self-Paying Professionals:
  • Sliding scale: $125 – 175 per session
  • Pay in advance for 6 sessions: $50 off full price
  • Pay in advance for 12 sessions: $100 off full price

Above prices valid through December 31, 2014.

Coaching brought me back to my values and helped me find the way back to myself: a person who loves working, and engaging with employers and colleagues, a person who is enthusiastic and proud of the work I do.

Verónica Martínez Coaching Client
Sarah is brilliant, personable, and will call you on your B.S.

She knows systems incredibly well, and through meeting with you, listening, and getting to know you, is able to help you break down what you’ve got in place so you can build a better, stronger system that doesn’t let things get by.

If you think this type of coaching is what you’re looking for, do yourself a favor and meet with Sarah. Chances are, you’ll be thanking her (and yourself) very soon.

Russ Agdern Political Organizer
The results speak for themselves: I just had a performance review and my boss was incredibly impressed by the progress I had made. I owe much of that to Sarah.

Rob Levy Coaching Client

Sarah From helped restore my sanity.

Before working with Sarah, I consistently felt overwhelmed and behind schedule. Today I feel in control of my time, my work, and my career trajectory.

Coaching Client