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As someone working for social change, you are passionate.

Driven.  You will do what it takes to get the work done.

Largely, this is awesome. But the shadow side of passion is burnout. Workload overload.
Emailing when you should be sleeping.
Missing opportunities because you can’t keep track of them all.
Generally being so stressed out that you are unable to give your best to your job, your organization, or your cause.

What would it be like if your relationship to your work shifted?

  • If you knew that you would follow through on everything you said yes to?
  • If your email inbox was a place of calm focus?
  • If you felt better about how you were using your time and energy – at work and in the world?
  • If you could pay attention to both the small details and the big picture?
  • If you could unplug from work for a week – or an hour – and feel good doing so?

Workflow Essentials is a 6-week group coaching program 

for social change professionals.  

The program includes:

        • Four small-group coaching sessions (conducted online)-
          • Set Up Your Systems for Success (September 25 – 3pm-4:15pm ET)
          • Become an Email Superhero (October 2 – 3pm-4:15pm ET)
          • Plan & Execute Projects with Intention & Ease (October 16 – 3pm-4:15pm ET)
          • Make the Most of Your Day, Your Week & Your Year (October 23 – 3pm-4:15pm ET)
        • Two one-on-one coaching sessions with me (via phone or video)
        • A pre-course survey to get you crystal-clear on your workflow strengths & challenges
        • 4 resource packets filled with helpful exercises and information on each topic
        • A buddy to support your progress during the course

        →  Download a printable program summary.


        Before working with Sarah, I felt overwhelmed by too much work and too little time.

        Now, I have systems in place that actually work and allow me to get more done, and I feel in control of my time and attention.

        Sarah is a workflow guru, and I recommend her to everyone!

        Alison Laichter Founder, Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn
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