I am in the middle of the biggest transition of my life – moving out of the Executive Director role of the organization I founded and my physical home for the last six years.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed a coach to help me navigate all the personal aspects of this change but now I can see what a big mess things would be if I didn’t have Sarah.

She has helped me face the big things and the small, from writing a mission statement for my next chapter to understanding the financial implications.

She does the most skillful job of slowly pushing me forward while mirroring, tracking and back stitching. It’s been a grounding force amidst a lot of uncertainty.

Claudia Horwitz Founder, stone circles
 Sarah excels at each aspect of what she does – from helping think through how to structure the inner workings of an organization, to coaching staff, to aligning a team and ensuring they are on the same page working towards annual goals –she’s truly wonderful. 
Lani Santo Executive Director, Footsteps

Sarah From helped restore my sanity.

Sarah helped me to assess and accentuate my existing systems and strengths, identify new models for managing and organizing my work, and consider innovative ways to balance personal and professional goals and responsibilities.

Before working with Sarah, I consistently felt overwhelmed and behind schedule. Today I feel in control of my time, my work, and my career trajectory.

Coaching Client

The opportunity to reflect and have someone point me to ‘potential’ led to a breakthrough in my thinking.

Retreat Participant
Sarah is brilliant, personable, and will call you on your B.S.

She knows systems incredibly well, and through meeting with you, listening, and getting to know you, is able to help you break down what you’ve got in place so you can build a better, stronger system that doesn’t let things get by.

If you think this type of coaching is what you’re looking for, do yourself a favor and meet with Sarah. Chances are, you’ll be thanking her (and yourself) very soon.

Russ Agdern Political Organizer

Sarah was always able to help me find answers and see things clearly, during coaching I could see more and better options than on my own. Throughout each session I felt empowered and in charge. By introducing me to valuable organizational tools and time management techniques, Sarah gave me the confidence I needed to manage my workload and my supervisor’s expectations.

Verónica Martínez Coaching Client


Through working with Sarah, I realized that my organizational and time management struggles are not unique, but common amongst busy professionals.  She introduced me to organizational tools and strategies that helped me to take control of the chaos of my professional life.

Coaching Client
 You did a terrific and thoughtful job of developing the retreat, consulting with staff, designing the event, delivery, and now follow through.  I am very pleased and appreciative.
Ann Jacobs Executive Director, Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College
I can’t say enough good things about Sarah From. I’m a huge fan of her thoughtful and deliberate approach to problem solving.

I’ve shared her contact information with the many, many people I encountered in my work who need her guidance to make life more manageable. I have heard glowing reports about how she helped each person get a handle on their particular challenges and to develop systems to be more productive and less stressed in the future.

As I was developing a new initiative I found Sarah to be an invaluable thought partner. She has an ability to see the challenges, but also offer the approach that I needed to do my best work.

Russ Finkelstein Former Associate Director, Idealist.org
Sarah was my workflow and time management coach for a period of about 4 months (approximately 6 coaching sessions), and I give her the highest of recommendations.

I was really struggling with workflow management issues after taking on some new responsibilities in my job, but didn’t know where to start (despite having sat through more than a few time management workshops in my day).

Sarah helped me articulate the areas that needed work, create goals, and develop plans to execute. She’s an incredible listener and coach, whether it was big picture philosophical questions or brass tacks skills like creating a project plan or recommending a piece of time management software.

And the results speak for themselves — I just had a performance review and my boss was incredibly impressed by the progress I had made. I owe much of that to Sarah.

Rob Levy Coaching Client
Working with Sarah leads to a huge sigh of relief.

She is so familiar with all of the different traps that people fall into when trying to get things done, and provides effective and personalized solutions.

After working with her for several months, I began requiring it of all of my staff.

Nati Passow Executive Director, Jewish Farm School
Sarah is a very seasoned, confident facilitator who gets to the heart of the matter and shines light on what is and is not working — just what’s needed in a workshop!
Workshop Participant

What a difference a day (and your help) made.  You were just terrific – in every way imaginable.  And I never imagined the different ways you would be able and willing to help.

Office Organizing Client

Before working with Sarah, I felt overwhelmed by too much work and too little time.

Now, I have systems in place that actually work and allow me to get more done, and I feel in control of my time and attention.

Sarah is a workflow guru, and I recommend her to everyone!

Alison Laichter Founder, Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn

This retreat allowed me to better define my goals and to figure out how to make sure my process reflects my larger vision.

Retreat Participant