Every organization is complex, unique, and ever-changing. Through organizational development work that focuses on the entire system, I can help your organization to navigate the often-rocky terrain of growth and change.

Organizational change projects are co-created in partnership with you and your organization. We pair my creativity and expertise in organizational change processes with your knowledge and vision to design a project that will deliver value to you long after our work together is done.

Together, we can:

  • Create strategies for smart & sustainable growth
  • Strengthen staffing structures & relationships
  • Assess team functioning and address challenges 
  • Gather & analyze staff input to improve organizational operations
  • Identify new ways of working that will magnify your impact

This work is guided by an understanding of how organizations change, grow and thrive:

  • Begin with what works: I start with the belief that in every organization, something works – and that by uncovering and focusing on what works, we can most powerfully build toward future success. Every change process starts with a thorough discovery process to identify what assets you, your organization and your people bring to the challenge at hand.
  • Champions are central: To succeed, change requires one or several champions who will own, model, communicate and make the case for change. I use my coaching expertise to support champions of change through the process of clarifying a compelling vision and engaging and aligning others around it.
  • Constant change demands resilience: Organizations, the people who comprise them, and the external environments in which we operate are constantly shifting. Given this reality, it is vital to develop personal and organizational resilience. I work with your organization and people to ensure that the strategies we devise are sustainable and resilient enough to withstand even more change ahead.

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I can’t say enough good things about Sarah From. I’m a huge fan of her thoughtful and deliberate approach to problem solving.

As I was developing a new initiative I found Sarah to be an invaluable thought partner. She has an ability to see the challenges, but also offer the approach that I needed to do my best work.

Russ Finkelstein Former Associate Director, Idealist.org